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For many years in the art industry, the acrylic paint has been often vilified compared to its counterpart oil paint. Most of the professionals concerning artists have had concerns about using acrylic paint. They believe that acrylics are for amateurs and non-professional painters.

There is even a saying that goes “serious painters use oils, not acrylics, “ which has been passed from generation to generation and made factual by pompous painters who certainly think the inferiority of acrylic to oil paint.

Acrylic Paint is the New Trend in Painting

Acrylic paint is new and since it's an invention in the middle of the 20th century, it certainly proved that it is an available alternative to oil paint which are often expensive, toxic due to inhibiting chemicals and slow-drying. Most of which isn't a really good thing to be relied on at especially if you're a serious painter.

Historically, the reasons why acrylic paint is highly deemed inferior to oil paint are due to its history of being presented. Acrylic paint produced during the mid-20th century was matte and chalky and it' has a dull color due to its inability to hold much of the color pigment.

However, times have changed and acyclic paint has become a progressively refined material used by everyone for painting. To start off, Acrylic paint is made with plastic, and as the advancements of creating plastics have become more increasingly refined so does the acrylic paints.

Acrylic Painting vs Oil Painting

Now in this day of age, most acrylic paints found on the market have certainly topped even the oil paint due to it's saturated and bright hues accompanied by its convenience.

With that said, here are some of the noteworthy things you should consider why buying acrylic paint is certainly much better than purchasing oil paint!

1.Acrylic is more versatile than Oil Paint

Acrylic paint is certainly way better to purchase especially if your budget is tight and you have no proper equipment and handles to cater to oil painting. Oil painting is usually done in a specialized ventilated area where the toxic fumes of the oil paint can be released.

With Acrylic paint, you can work with it anywhere you want without posing any health risks at all! Acrylics are versatile because they are water-based and require little to no effort, acrylics are safe, cheap, and are commonly used and there is nothing more worthwhile in doing so.

2. Acrylic paint dries up fast while oil paint dries slow.

Acrylic paint, when put on a blank canvas, dries up at a faster rate than the oil paints which is highly beneficial especially when laying different shades and tones of colors.

Glazing is a technique that is also sought after when using acrylic and it is when you build up the texture of layers in your artwork that showcases subsequent color variations and layers. This technique can only be done if you're using acrylic paint.

3. Acrylic paint is malleable compared to oil paint.

Since Acrylic is water-based it gives off the distinguished viscosity and lustre that no oil painting can give. You can also add other materials to acrylic to suit whatever artistic vision you incorporate to be.

Some put the dryer in acrylic to dry up faster and it is totally fine, some even mix acrylic retarder so the paint act as more of oil-based paint. These things are entirely possible if you're using Acrylic paint.

4. Acrylic is low-maintenance than oil paint.

Even if you're just pursuing painting as a hobby, acrylic is still a safe and sound choice than purchasing oil paint because you only need a few simple tools to start a  troke.

All you need is the acrylic paint itself, a brush, water, and a surface to support but with oil paint, you need to purchase as many as possible equipment in order to ensure that you're doing a great artwork. Supply needs in oil painting are often expensive and hard to find; oil paint, solvents, mediums, brushes, rags, gesso, canvas or board, and a ventilated space.

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